Fired up about biogas?

But need help making it work for your context?

I’m Kathy Puffer, and I am passionate about small-scale biogas because I experienced firsthand how producing my own energy and fertilizer through biogas took my homesteading to a whole new level of resilience and self-sufficiency.

I’m also a lifelong professional educator, and a certified permaculture designer and educator, and after years of studying and teaching biogas design and application, I noted that the dry, often inaccessible biogas technical manuals and ways of teaching were a barrier to biogas adoption.

So I have applied my teaching expertise to develop curricula and training programs that are engaging for diverse learners across age and culture.

Contact me at to present at your educational events, or for consulting services.

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Kathy received the Women in Biogas award

Kathy has been recognized at the World Biogas Summit for bringing small-scale-biogas solutions to communities and women around the world. At the annual awards gala in Birmingham, UK, on March 29, 2023, Kathy received the Women in Biogas award, and her Biogas Education Hub was highly commended with second place in the Educational Campaign of the Year category.

Learn online in community, or work with me privately to customize an engaging event that gets people excited about empowering themselves through biogas.   

Biogas Education Hub

Learn how to design, build, and work with small-scale biogas. You will also connect with a community of real people who are using biogas in their unique settings around the world.

And, when you get really fired up, you can become a certified biogas educator and teach others.

Educational Events

I have experience teaching children and adults in urban and rural settings in the United States and abroad, often bridging language differences.

I specialize in community participatory design that works with your resources at hand and creates systems that work for you over the long term, because they are designed specifically for end users’ particular context.



Need help designing your system? Or don’t have time to learn how to design and build it, but want to get biogas up and running quickly?

I can help you efficiently discern the factors that must be taken into consideration to size and configure your system, whether to buy a ready-made one or go DIY, and also integrate your full system into your home and life so you maximize beneficial outcomes and avoid problems.


I’m a biogas enthusiast because it is an elegant but simple solution that not only empowers individuals and families to generate their own free energy and fertilizer, but also addresses many issues such as deforestation, poverty alleviation, and greenhouse gas reduction. 

I’ve spoken about the promise of biogas at the UN and in Universities around the world. Contact me at regarding speaking engagements. 


Why work with me?

I’m not about biogas as a technical fix.

I support you to integrate biogas into a robust practical whole systems that work for you, your context, and our planet.  


Why biogas?

Biogas implementation and education can address all 17 Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations to eliminate poverty in all of its forms. 

It is an appropriate technology for homes, businesses, community centers, and farms, which can be scaled up or down to fit any given capacity and/or need for fuel and fertilizer.    

Food waste dumped in landfills emits methane, a very potent greenhouse gas. That same gas, however, when generated in a biodigester, can be used for cooking, heating water, and running a generator for powering batteries, thus replacing other energy sources.

Also, unlike composting, biodigestion prevents volatile nutrients from oxidizing, thus, creating a complete liquid fertilizer which does not attract pests, and dissolves completely into the soil. We can grow many cubic yards of soil over one growing season when adding the fertilizer to organic material such as straw, wood chips, and leaves.

 All of these benefits, and more, when multiplied in many homes and communities, become a powerful virtuous feedback loop that leads towards resilience while also addressing large-scale issues, like climate mitigation and adaptation. 

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